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by Andrew Demidowski

The never ending story

It was early 2013 when I made a phone call to my good friend Nick Lakiotis to have our monthly conversation about what is happening in the pigeon world. I really enjoyed these conversations I had with Nick because his enthusiasm for life was always refreshing and he doesn’t hold anything back in our discussions. Because he is one the better pigeon racers in the Victorian Homing Association he  also seems to be the conduit for very good and reliable information about ‘who is doing what’ in the pigeon fraternity throughout the country.

By Andrew Demidowski

The Paul Bryant Story

Paul Bryant began his life with pigeons as a 12 year old getting his first pair from Terry Vinton from the old Southern Cross Edithvale Club. It was to be the beginning of a love affair that has spanned over 30 years and continues to grow stronger every day.

By Andrew Demidowski

The Janssens are coming!

The yearly National race in Victoria was my favourite race, as it was raced from 400 miles, includes the best birds from around the State and was limited to 10 birds per flier. I was not flying in 2013 due to work commitments but kept in touch with what was happening in the pigeon world through phone conversations, the internet and the pigeon journal. My main two contacts for my necessary pigeon conversation were Paul Bryant and Nick Lakiotis